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CanNorth Environmental expands to Markham, Ontario

Since its incorporation in 1997, Canada North Environmental Services (CanNorth), proudly owned by Kitsaki, has been engaged in the environmental consulting industry across Canada. Recent projects have included work in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, and Nunavut. Recently, CanNorth's strong performance has allowed for the development of a new office in Ontario.

In January 2016, CanNorth opened the doors to a new satellite office in Markham, Ontario. Unofficially dubbed "CanEast," the Markham office is home to CanNorth's new Risk Assessment Division, expanding the range of CanNorth's consulting capabilities. With over 70 years of collective experience, division leader Stacey Fernandes and colleagues Katherine Woolhouse, Caroline Lucas, and Leah Leon are experts in their field and have extensive previous consulting experience.

With global experience in locations throughout Canada, Spain, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Guinea, South Africa, Greenland, Chile, Argentina, USA, and the Caribbean, the Risk Assessment Division enables CanNorth to complete human health and ecological risk assessments for a variety of sectors, including mining operations (development, operation, and decommissioning), contaminated and industrial sites, power generation (natural gas and nuclear), and public health.

Further, a brand new, leading-edge contaminant dispersion and transport model, ADEPT (Assessment of the Dispersion and Effects of Parameter Transport), has been developed by the Risk Assessment Division to complete ecological and human health risk modelling. Specialties of the Risk Assessment Division are extensive and include:

  • Human health risk assessment
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • Risk communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Predictive water quality modelling
  • Fate and transport modelling through aquatic and terrestrial environments
  • Development of ecological toxicity values (species sensitivity distributions)
  • Expertise with metals, radionuclides, petroleum hydrocarbons (PHC), PAHs, BTEX, chlorinated solvents, PCBs, dioxins and furans, perfluorinated compounds
  • Contaminated sites (brownfield redevelopment)
  • Development of environmental quality guidelines
  • Public health (burden of illness, blood lead)
  • Human health exposure – vapour intrusion, fine particulate
  • Uncertainty assessment

These exceptional new capabilities, which incorporate specialized engineering and biological experience, enhance CanNorth's existing strengths in aquatic, terrestrial, hydrology, heritage, and community services. This latest development enables CanNorth to provide continually expanding and exceptional service to a wide range of clients and industries in Canada and around the world.