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Liz Chenard retires from Kitsaki after 23 years

When Liz Chenard offered to fill-in for a friend, she didn't realize that two-week stint would lead to 23 years of employment at KMLP.

Her dear friend, Ida Sanderson, was going on a two-week vacation and was looking for someone to step in and handle things while she was away from work.

"After the two weeks was over, the general manager came up to me and said I don't need to look around for a job. I could stay there," recalls Chenard, who officially retired from KMLP on July 29th.

Chenard had arrived in La Ronge after living in the Yukon before returning to look for work in La Ronge when her good friend Sanderson talked her into working for that short stint. Immediately, there was something about working there that Chenard liked. She could feel it in her bones.

"It was a really family-oriented place to work," she recalls. "It was really easy for me to fit in right away." She started in the reception area before evolving into the accounting side of the business. "I had done some accounting when I was working in the Yukon. I guess I like numbers and I was good at them."

Al Solheim, KMLP's CFO, has known Chenard since he's been around and says she's going to be missed. "Liz was always a reliable person with a good sense of humour," he says. "She never missed a payroll and that's near and dear to our hearts around here." Solheim says she was more than just an accounting clerk and she could be relied on for other things. "She is very knowledgeable about the whole band membership too, and really, her wide knowledge of how things worked came in handy for us. We would often call on her."

Solheim and Chenard also share a similar trait – neither are particularly good dancers and often would be found sitting rather than dancing at office functions. "But I think we did have a dance at one Christmas party," he recalls.

For now, Chenard is still getting used to not working. "It was hard to leave, for sure. I will miss everyone I worked with every day." In the meantime, Chenard plans to do some travelling. She's already travelled to Las Vegas with one of her grand daughters.

"I'm not finished with my travelling yet. There are still many places I'd like to see." She has three daughters (a teacher, a human resources officer and a secretary) and a son (carpentry).

"I hope I did a good job with my kids. I think I did." And with seven grandchildren, Chenard knows she'll be busy helping her kids out.

"My life is my family."