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Kitsaki Procon Joint Venture

Kitsaki Management and Procon Mining and Tunnelling have a long history of success. Established in September of 2007, we have performed a variety of services including mining, milling, and construction in Saskatchewan for gold, uranium and potash mines. 

We are full-service providers to the mining industry, from building and operating complex open pit and underground mining developments, to executing industrial and civil infrastructure projects. Kitsaki Procon is based in Saskatoon and does work throughout Saskatchewan.

The Kitsaki Procon initiative currently has a multi-year, multisite agreement to execute mining and industrial services work in PotashCorp’s Saskatchewan mines. We also support PotashCorp’s strategic focus on Aboriginal engagement and job skills development.

We have worked to build capacity through training and apprenticeship and trade related employment for indigenous people living in the work region.  The partnership is looking to develop long-term sustainable employment and leadership opportunities for the province’s Aboriginal peoples.

Kitsaki builds strong partnerships and joint venture agreements with first class businesses.  With the constant goals of excellence and safe performance of work, Kitsaki Procon Joint Venture has a bright future.


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